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Garden Hand Tools
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Bulldog border fork
Head Size 9x5.5 Inch (230x140mm) 28 Inch (711mm) Shaft ..
Ex Tax: £32.45
Bulldog border spade
Head Size 9x5.5 Inch (230x140mm) 28 Inch (711mm) Shaft ..
Ex Tax: £27.04
Bulldog curved handle hedge shears
Product description Curved handles on this model allow a comfortable action. Key feat..
Ex Tax: £10.33
Bulldog Cutting/Grubbing Mattock & Handle
Drop forged steel heads are used for ground breaking. Points cut deep into hard ground,..
Ex Tax: £16.67
Bulldog digging fork
Head Size 11.5x7.5 Inch (290x190mm) 28 Inch (711mm) Shaft ..
Ex Tax: £32.45
Bulldog digging spade
Product description This traditional style spade is solid forged from one piece to give stren..
Ex Tax: £30.28
Bulldog edging knife
Ash shaft, Head Width 8 Inch (204mm) 29 Inch (740mm) Shaft (Solid Forged) ..
Ex Tax: £33.48
Bulldog hay rake
Plain Handle, 72 Inch (1620 mm) Shaft, 18 teeth, alloy head ..
Ex Tax: £34.81
Bulldog long handle edge shears
Product description For their size these shears are very light to use. Their handle length ma..
Ex Tax: £26.22
Bulldog open socket square shovel
Features: The ideal tool for shoveling out or backfilling trenches, concrete mixing, work..
Ex Tax: £14.17
Bulldog plastic leaf rake
Product description A large plastic leaf rake is fitted with a light weight aluminium handle...
Ex Tax: £11.56
Bulldog rubber wizard rake
The soft rubber fingers cause no surface damage. Particularly useful when working on golf and bow..
Ex Tax: £28.81
Bulldog snow shovel
Bulldog Snow / Utility Shovel  A large capacity plastic head with metal strip designed t..
Ex Tax: £17.04
Bulldog springbok rake
Product description Similar in design to our popular Springbok rake, this metal headed rake i..
Ex Tax: £26.57
Corona HS3911 Headge Shears
Resharpenable, forged 8 1/4" steel alloy blades Top-grade 9 1/2" hardwood handles ..
Ex Tax: £33.33
Baleno 650B Gloves
£19.20 £18.00
Countax scarifier
£913.00 £771.60
Echo CS-2511TES - 10"
£499.00 £359.00
Echo CS-280TES - 10"
£475.00 £378.00
Echo CS-360TES
£539.00 £379.00