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Stihl iMow

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Stihl RMI 422

The compact Stihl RMI 422 robot mower will mow small to medium sized lawns of up to approx. 800m² and is designed to do this in the shortest time possible, allowing you full access to your garden when you want it.


Stihl RMI 422 P

The Stihl RMI 422 P is a compact robotic mower with powerful battery perfectly suited for small to medium sized lawns up to 1500m².


Stihl RMI 422 PC

The Stihl RMI 422 PC iMow robotic mower combines a number of features to make it the ultimate convenience mower. Perfect for medium-sized lawns up to 1700m². Compact, capable and communicative.


Stihl RMI 632

Using a dynamic mowing plan and an intelligent charging system, the Stihl iMow RMI 632 robot lawn mower is programmed to mow lawns up to 3000m² so you can relax knowing that your grass is taken care of.


Stihl RMI 632 C

The Stihl RMI 632 C iMow robotic lawn mower can handle large areas of lawn up to 3200m² with great ease.


Stihl RMI 632 P

The Stihl iMow RMI 632 P automatic mower cuts lawns up to approx. 4000m² to your specifications with great ease. Fast, intelligent and efficient, as well as extremely practical.


Stihl RMI 632 PC

The Stihl RMI 632 PC iMow robotic lawn mower can handle large areas of up to 5000m² with great ease. The powerful Li-Ion battery ensures a perfect cut in just a few hours.


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