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Stihl BF-MM Pick Tine

Even hard or heavy clay soil is broken up easily and loosely. Ideal for recultivation, loosening the soil or compact planting. Working width: 20cm, weight: 2.0kg.


Stihl BK-MM Bolo Tine

Suitable for spreading fine sandy soil, for marking rows in the soil or for crumbling large sods of earth, e.g. between free standing plants. Working width: 22cm, weight: 2.0kg.


Stihl FC-MM Lawn Edge Trimmer

Creates clean edges by cutting deep into the roots. Also ideal for cutting out patches of lawn to be transplanted. Weight: 0.8kg.


Stihl KB-MM Bristle Brush

Thoroughly removes ingrained dirt or stains from paved areas or uneven natural stone surfaces. Complete with guard extension. Working width: 60cm, weight: 4.2kg.


Stihl KW-MM Power Sweep

Effortlessly removes dirt and rubble, sand and gravel, wet leaves and snow. Ideal for sweeping pathways roads and lawns. Working width: 60cm, weight: 3.7kg.


Stihl MF-MM Dethatcher

Removes moss and matted growth from the surface of the lawn quickly and thoroughly. Complete with guard extension. Working width: 50cm, weight: 8.3kg.


Stihl MM Cultivator Blade

Varies the working depth and speed when cultivating the soil by lightly lifting or lowering the tool into or out of the soil.


Stihl MM Weight Kit

An ideal addition for the MM-BF pick tine and MM-BK bolo tine, for cultivating. Increases the pressure on the tool and ensures better "depth penetration" in the ground.


Stihl MM Wheel Kit

This allows the tool to be lifted slightly when using the MM-MF dethatcher, MM-KW power sweep and MM-KB bristle brush. It reduces the resistance due to friction when brushing and sweeping and improves manoeuvrability.


Stihl RL-MM Aerator

Uniformly perforates the surface of the lawn so that it can breath again, thus considerably improving the supply of nutrients and root growth. Working width: 20cm, weight: 2.0kg.


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