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Earth Augers & Accessories

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Stihl BT 121-BT 131 Earth Auger Bits

For all types of ground. Length: 695mm. Suitable for BT 121, BT 130 and BT 131.


Stihl BT 121-BT 131 Extension Shaft

For extending the earth auger bit in deep bore holes. Length: 250mm or 450mm.


Stihl BT 121-BT 131 Plant Spiral Earth Auger Bit

Special drill bit with cylindrical shape for drilling bore holes for plants. Diameter: 150mm, length: 525mm.


Stihl BT 121-BT 131 Soil Loosening Earth Auger Bit

Special drill bit for loosening soil and planting. Diameter: 260mm, length: 660mm.


Stihl BT 131

One-man earth auger with QuickStop drill break. 4-MIX engine with enlarged fuel tank, low-vibration handle frame, control handle with stop button, long-life air filter system, large support cushion. Powerhead only supplied, auger bits available separately.


Stihl Service Kit 31

Service Kit 31 for BT 131, FR 131, FS 131, FS 311, HT 130, HT 131, HT 133 and KM 131 earth augers, brushcutters, pole pruners and KombiEngines


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