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Pole Pruning

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Corona AC 7241 Tree Pruner Saw Blade

13" curved blade puts more teeth into branch for faster cutting. Tempered steel alloy blade cuts up to 9" diameter. 2x faster cut with Razor Tooth technology. Extra sharp teeth cut on the pull stroke. Keyhole shaped bolt-on design fits Corona TP 6870, TP 6850, TP 6830, TP 6780, TP 6570.


Corona AC 7300 Leather Scabbard

For use with RS 7130, RS 7120, RS 7385, RS 7395 and all purpose saws. Top grain leather construction. Stitched and riveted for durability.


Corona AC 7310 22" Machete Scabbard

Stitched and riveted for durability. Belt clip and loops included. Universal design fits most machetes. Machete not included.


Corona TP 4212 DualLINK Tree Saw & Pruner - 12 ft

The Corona DualLINK Tree Saw and compound action pruner with rope drive, can access all the hard-to-reach places. With 3X Power Multiplier linkage and a non-stick blade, it makes for easy trimming up to 12 ft.


Jameson 13" Saw Blade

SB-13TE 13" Tri-Cut Saw Blade


Jameson 4ft Base Pole

Jameson 4ft base pole


Jameson 4ft Extension Pole

Jameson 4ft extension pole


Jameson 6ft Base Pole

Jameson 6ft base pole


Jameson 6ft Extension Pole

Jameson 6ft extension pole


Jameson Big Shot Head

The Jameson Big Shot head shoots throw bag and line through tree limbs, delivering line up to 200ft.


Jameson Branch Puller

Designed to lift or pull cable or limbs out of the way. No adaptor needed.


Jameson Fabric Saw Scabbard

SBC-2 Canvas Saw Blade Scabbard


Jameson JA-14 Pruner Head

Jameson JA-14 1 1/4" side cut pruner


Jameson JA-14DP Pruner Head

JA-14DP 1 1/4" double pulley pruner


Jameson JA-14S Pruner Head

Jameson JA-14S 1 1/4" pruner with swivel pulley


Jameson Leather Saw Scabbard

SBL-2 leather saw blade scabbard


Jameson Pole Rubber End Cap

Jameson pole rubber end cap


Jameson Pruner Nut & Bolt

Jameson pruner nut & bolt


Jameson Pruner Rope & Handle

20ft x 1/2" pruner rope with wooden handle


Jameson Pruner Spring

Jameson pruner spring


Jameson Sawhead with 16" Blade

Rust resistant, lightweight aluminium pole saw head, features a low profile design to manoeuvre easily in dense foliage


Jameson Telescopic Pole with 13" Sawhead

Telescopic Pole with 13" Tri-Edge Saw Blade


Jameson Telescopic Shaft with Female Ferrule

The leader in fiberglass poles brings you a high quality, lightweight telescoping pole that saves space and adjusts to fit the job.


Kamikaze Pro Advance Telescopic Saw with Hook & Bark Cutter

Kamikaze aluminium telescopic saw with hook and bark cutter. Available in 3m, 4.5m and 6m lengths.


Stein Pole Storage Bag 180cm

The Stein Pole Bag is a convenient way to carry pole sections and protect them during transport or storage.


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