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Felling & Splitting Wedges

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HardHead Plastic Felling Wedges

American made HardHead felling wedges are manufactured from special engineered ABS that will resist the most severe shock. Available in 215mm, 275mm, or 305mm overall length. Sold individually.


Husqvarna Plastic Felling Wedges

These felling wedges are made of high impact ABS plastic. Felling wedges help the tree fall in the direction of the notch cut by actually lifting the tree in that direction. Available in 14cm, 20cm or 25cm length.


Silverline Log Bomb

Tough, diamond-shaped wood splitter. Splits logs in 4 directions. Spherical striking face for a centred blow. Sharp point for easy insertion and notched to prevent pop out. Use with a sledge hammer. 165mm. 1.586kg.


Silverline Steel Log Splitting Wedge

Drop-forged carbon steel hardened and tempered 6lb (2.72kg) wedge. 55mm wide chisel tipped cutting edge. Painted finish. For splitting tough, oversized or irregular shaped logs. Use with sledge hammer or maul.


Stihl Aluminium Chainsaw Felling Wedge

Forged, complete with wood and ring. 980g.


Stihl Aluminium Chainsaw Felling Wedge Replacement Handle

Replacement wooden handle for the Stihl aluminium chainsaw felling wedge.


Stihl Aluminium Chainsaw Felling Wedge Replacement Ring

Replacement ring for the Stihl aluminium chainsaw felling wedge.


Stihl Plastic Felling Wedges

Made from polyamide with a textured surface on both sides for reliable guidance. Impact-resistant even at low temperatures. Available in 18cm length for medium wood, 23cm for medium and thick wood or 25cm with enlarged wedge angle.


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