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Honda 10W-30 engine oil 600ml

Honda 10W-30 engine oil for use in honda engines. 600ml for walkbehind lawnmowers to fill from empty.


Husqvarna LS+ 2-stroke engine oil

The Low Smoke+ oil is a mix of mineral and synthetic oils. It gives off very little smoke and has extremely good lubrication qualities on high load engine details, like for instance the connecting rod bearing. It is best used for chainsaws and clearing saws with a cylinder volume up to 55 cm3.


Husqvarna mineral chain oil

Mineral Chain oil with adhesive agent for high-performance chain saws. A very low wear of chains and rails can be guaranteed due to additives which are improving the lubrication. The favourable viscosity facilitates the universal use in summer as well as in winter, even during extreme temperatures.


Rock Oil groundsman 4 stroke engine oil

API SJ, CD SAE 10W-30 & 10W-40


Rock Oil universal chainsaw oil

Rock Oil universal chainsaw oil is a high performance lubricant that is suitable for both electric and petrol chainsaws.


Stihl BioPlus chain oil

Particularly eco-friendly with outstanding lubrication and adhesive properties. STIHL BioPlus is derived from plants and completely decomposes in the ground within a short space of time (tested according to OECD 301 B). It has been awarded the German 'Blue Angel' ecology mark and the European Eco-Label.


Stihl ForestPlus chain oil

Based on high-quality mineral oils, ForestPlus is suitable for use with all chainsaws, including harvesters. ForestPlus delivers reliable chain lubrication and no resin build up, even during prolonged down times.


Stihl HP 2-stroke engine oil

Top selling mineral oil two-stroke engine oil. Specially developed for STIHL engines. Excellent lubrication and combustion properties. Performance class: JASO-FB, ISO-L-EGB. Fuel/oil ratio 50:1.


Stihl HP super 2-stroke engine oil

Semi-synthetic oil with low-ash additives for clean low-smoke burning. 'Low-smoke oil' performance class: JASO-FD, ISO-L-EGD. Fuel/oil ratio: 50:1. Particularly recommended for STIHL 4-MIX engines.


Stihl HP ultra 2-stroke engine oil

Fully synthetic oil with exceptional lubrication properties. Burns with extremely low residue due to ash-free additive. Suitable for continuous use under the most demanding engine conditions. Performance class: JASO-FB, ISO-L-EGB. Fuel/oil ratio 50:1. Recommended for STIHL 4-MIX engines.


Stihl SynthPlus chain oil

Semi synthetic high performance lubricant is made from high grade base oils (refined oils) which prevents resinification during prolonged downtimes. Outstanding protection against wear.


Viking SAE 30 engine oil

Viking SAE 30 engine oil for Briggs & Stratton engines. Available in 600ml for walkbehind lawnmowers and 1.4 litres for tractors to fill if empty.


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