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Cordless Parts & Accessories

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Holster for Stihl GTA 26 Cordless Garden Pruner

For secure storage and quick access to the GTA 26 garden pruner. Hooks onto your belt and fastens to the top of your thigh. Straps keep the garden pruner secure and in place in the holster. Holster only GTA 26 garden pruner not included.


Stihl AP Adapter

The AP adapter is needed to transfer power between a Stihl AP battery or a Stihl AR battery and a power tool with a battery slot in combination with the AP holster with connecting cable.


Stihl AP Belt Bag with Power Cable

Makes it possible to transfer energy between a STIHL AP battery and a tool with a socket. Can be combined with the battery belt carrying system with harness. Cable length: 120 cm. With integrated electronics for overload switching with acoustic signals.


Stihl Bag for Battery Belt

Additional bag for attaching to the battery belt. Can be used to carry more batteries or other accessories such as sunglasses and gloves.


Stihl Blade Guard for FSA 90

Guard for using a metal blade with either the FSA 90 or FSA 90 R.


Stihl Comfort Carrying System for BGA 200

With the comfort carrying system, you can now use the BGA 200 in two different ways - either carrying it by hand or hooking onto the holder attached to the hip belt of an AR battery. It's perfect for long blowing tasks throughout the day.


Stihl Connecting Cable

Connecting cable for Stihl backpack batteries AR900, AR1000, AR2000 and AR3000.


Stihl Cover for AP Battery Slot

For covering the battery shaft on STIHL PRO cordless power system battery-powered tools. Protects against dust and dirt during longer periods of storage.


Stihl GTA 26 Extension Shaft

Convert your GTA 26 garden pruner into a pole pruner with this extension shaft. Designed for cutting small branches in high work areas across home gardens, it has a fixed length of 1.5 meters, providing plenty of length for pruning high branches. GTA 26 not included.


Stihl Nylon Guard for FSA 90

Guard for using with nylon cord on either FSA 90 or FSA 90 R.


Stihl Telescopic Shaft for HSA 26

Telescopic shaft allowing you to work with the HSA 26 cordless shrub shears in the upright position by wheeling it along the floor to edge your lawn using the grass trimmer blade. HSA 26 not included.


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