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Pressure Washer Accessories

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Stihl Foam Nozzle

Powerful cleaning effect due to foam that sticks to the surface for a long time. 1-litre bottle with large filler opening, for RE 88 – RE 143 PLUS.


Stihl Pipe Cleaning Set

Length 15m. With nozzle. Extremely flexible. Also suitable for smaller diameter pipes. For RE 88 - RE 143 PLUS.


Stihl RA 110 Surface Cleaner

RA 110 surface cleaner for Stihl RE 90 - RE 150 PLUS pressure washers.


Stihl RA 90 Surface Cleaner

RA 90 surface cleaner for RE 90 – RE 130 PLUS pressure washers. 255 mm diameter. For fast, splash-free cleaning of medium-sized surfaces. With pressure adjustment.


Stihl Rotating Wash Brush

160mm diameter. Rotating inner brush, adjustable working angle. For RE 88 - RE 143 PLUS.


Stihl Suction Set

Length 3m. For low pressure water supply from rainwater butts and cisterns. When using this suction set, it is recommended that a water filter is fitted. For RE 88 - RE 143 PLUS.


Stihl Surface Wash Brush

Width 280 mm. With integrated rubber lip and high pressure nozzle. For cleaning sensitive surfaces. For RE 88 - RE 129 PLUS.


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