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Stihl 2 blade grass cutting blade 260mm

Steel double blade. For working on areas of tough grass. 260mm/10.2" diameter, 25.4mm/1" centre.


Stihl 3 blade brush knife 300mm

Brush blade made of special steel. Ideal for thinning and clearing tough, matted grass and scrub. Also the pruning of thorn hedges. For use with universal protection. 300mm/11.8" diameter, 20mm/.787" centre.


Stihl aluminium chainsaw felling wedge

Forged, complete with wood and ring. 980g.


Stihl aluminium chainsaw felling wedge replacement handle

Replacement wooden handle for the Stihl aluminium chainsaw felling wedge.


Stihl aluminium chainsaw felling wedge replacement ring

Replacement ring for the Stihl aluminium chainsaw felling wedge.


Stihl aluminium extension shaft

The aluminium shaft extension has a reach extension of 50cm. Weight 0.6kg. For use with the HT-KM and HL-KM KombiTools.


Stihl AR 1000 backpack battery

Backpack lithium-ion batteries with big capacity for longer running times. Sturdy housing with base and charge level indicator (six LEDs), comfortable and ergonomic harness with integrated carry handle and rain protection cover. USB port for charging smartphones etc. 626 Wh battery energy. Weight 5.5 kg.


Stihl BF-KM pick tine

Pick tines KombiTool for the STIHL KombiSystem. A lightweight cultivator for getting into tight places. Ideal for rejuvenation of flower beds and plantings, and for mixing amendments into the soil. Approved for all KombiEngines and FR 131 T.


Stihl BG 56 C-E

Ideal for cleaning up leaves and debris on paths or driveways around the home, the new powerful, low emissions BG 56 C-E handheld petrol leaf blower features STIHL ErgoStart, making starting virtually effortless.


Stihl BG 66 C-E

Featuring a quiet low emissions 2-stroke stratified charge engine, the new BG 66 C-E handheld STIHL leaf blower is perfect for cleaning up leaves and debris in noise sensitive areas. While a stop switch helps take the guesswork out of getting started, a semi-automatic choke lever designed to help prevent accidental flooding, combined with ErgoStart ensures easier starts - everything you need to get going with your next clean up task.


Stihl BG 86 C-E

To clear large areas of leaves and grass, suitable for use in very dusty areas, thanks to the new HD2 filter. Round nozzle, flat nozzle, STIHL anti-vibration system, STIHL ElastoStart, 2-MIX engine, locking throttle lever with stop button. Version with STIHL ErgoStart.


Stihl BG-KM blower

This unique innovation from STIHL transforms the KombiSystem into a fully-fledged high-performance blower. Just like all KombiTools the STIHL blower can be easily attached to the KombiEngine to provide you with an ideal tool for clearing surfaces, flower beds and paths of leaves, mowed grass, litter or powdery snow. Approved for KombiEngines with loop handles.


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