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Agealube Bio Hedge Trimmer Spray 400ml

Completely biodegradable lubricant and resin solvent. Lubricates the blades of the hedge trimmer, removes resin deposits and protects against corrosive action and rust. Rapidly biodegradable (CEC-L-33-T-82 > 85%).


Stihl CB 90 Universal Cleaner 1L

General detergent for safe removal of the widest variety of dirt and spills around the house and garden. For use on hard surfaces; suitable for painted, metal, stone, synthetic and glass surfaces.


Stihl CC 30 Vehicle Shampoo & Wax 1L

Foaming cleaner to remove typical road dirt, such as salt, dust and insects from all kinds of vehicles. High quality wax ingredients ensure long-term, shiny finish. 1 L


Stihl Superclean Resin Solvent

The graphite and lubricating mineral oil based cleaner is ideal for cleaning cutting attachments, hedge trimmer blades and chainsaws. Especially for removing resin. Application: spray the cutting tools after each use. Available in 50ml or 300ml spray can.


Stihl Varioclean Special Cleaner

Cleaner developed specially to remove organic substances like resin, oil and grass stains from saw chains, guide bars, cutters, circular saw blades and machine housings. For steel and diecast magnesium. Contains no phosphates or organic solvents. Surfactants are biodegradable. Spray bottle, 500ml.


Stihl VP 20 Stone & Facade Cleaner 5L

Efficient cleaner for hard stone, facade, concrete, wood or tile surfaces. Reliably dissolves tough plant deposits, algae, mould and dust. 5 L


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