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Pressure Washer Cleaning Agents

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Stihl CB 90 Universal Cleaner 1L

General detergent for safe removal of the widest variety of dirt and spills around the house and garden. For use on hard surfaces; suitable for painted, metal, stone, synthetic and glass surfaces.


Stihl CC 30 Vehicle Shampoo & Wax 1L

Foaming cleaner to remove typical road dirt, such as salt, dust and insects from all kinds of vehicles. High quality wax ingredients ensure long-term, shiny finish. 1 L


Stihl CP 200 Universal Cleaner 10L

For professional use and all hard surfaces, but not textiles. Removes a huge range of dirt deposits, such as oil and grease, grime, dust and insect dirt. 10 litres.


Stihl VP 20 Stone & Facade Cleaner 5L

Efficient cleaner for hard stone, facade, concrete, wood or tile surfaces. Reliably dissolves tough plant deposits, algae, mould and dust. 5 L


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