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Hooks & Tongs

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Husqvarna Lifting Hook

New sharper and improved hook that has grinded edges from the factory. The new surface treatment with hardened steel makes the product robust and less sensitive for rust. The improved handle with measure scale has a new design and better grip making it more ergonomic.


Husqvarna Timber Tongs

Husqvarna lifting tongs made of high quality steel. With an ergonomic handle for comfort and a perfect grip. Available in size 20cm/8" or 30cm/12".


Muller Combi Log Pick

Combination of sappie and hand axe. Ideal for moving and picking up smaller logs and pieces of wood and cutting off branches. Ergonomic ash handle available in 45cm or 70cm length.


Muller Log Pick

Muller hand forged log pick with ash shaft. Ideal tool for picking up and managing split logs and smallwood. 40cm, 60cm and 80cm handle length available.


Stihl FP 10 Pulp Hook

For lifting, transporting and piling up plywood. Comfort handle.


Stihl FP 20 Hand Lifting Tongs

Jaw size 20 cm. For moving wood, with an angled comfort handle. Hardened tips.


Stihl FZ 10 Drag Hook

For dragging logs, with a ground tip for hooking into logs more easily. High-quality, hardened steel, comfort handle.


Stihl Hand Hookaroon

For picking up and positioning firewood, small logs and discs of wood. Enables an ergonomic movement that is easy on your back. With high quality ash wood handle. German design, 500g, 35cm long.


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