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Cutting Wheels

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Belle PUX 30020 12" diamond blade

12" Platinum Universal Xtra (PUX) laser welded diamond blade. A special fast cutting universal design for all concrete (including green concrete), asphalt (including asphalt over concrete) masonry materials (such as concrete paving slabs and brick) including drop segments for undercut protection. Size: 300mm x 20mm, speed: 6400 rpm, segment height: 10mm.


Stihl D-B10 concrete cutting wheel

Diamond cutting wheel for cutting concrete, clay bricks, roof tiles and exposed aggregate concrete, as well as reinforced concrete and general construction materials. Painted grey.


Stihl K-ME abrasive steel cutting wheel

Tried-and-tested, extremely sturdy cutting wheels for use in construction or in metal processing operations. Suitable for construction steel, structural steel, reinforcement bars and steel girders.


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