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Throwline Equipment

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Jameson Big Shot head

The Jameson Big Shot head shoots throw bag and line through tree limbs, delivering line up to 200ft.


Komet 2.2mm throwline 50m

2.2mm diameter throwline supplied on a handy 50 meter roll. Used with throwing bag to fix the cambium saver.


Komet throw bag

Metalic filled cordura bag with double stitching made by Komet.


Marlow 2mm throwline 50m

Supplied on handy 50m mini spools, Marlow 2mm throwline has a smooth and hardwearing polyester cover. Flexible and easily handled, light weight with good abrasion resistance.


Stein 2mm economy throwline 50m

Produced from 100% polyester fibre with a single braid construction this bright orange 2mm line gives an average strength of 90kg.


Stein folding throwline storage cube

The Stein folding cube is the ideal storage solution for your throwlines. From a 44cm cube to a flat triangle pouch in seconds. This large cube makes the deployment of throw-lines easy.


Stein Skyshot Pro throw bags

The Stein Skyshot Pro has an aerodynamic design to help increase your throw distance and punch through the tree canopy. Available in 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz weight.


Stein Vault 4 storage bag

The Stein Vault 4 is a 4-litre storage bag ideal for storing short throwlines or hardware.


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