Celox z-fold gauze 5ft

Celox z-fold gauze 5ft
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Celox z-fold gauze 5ft

Celox™ Gauze Z-Fold is the newest creation from the Celox™ range.
Our new compact Z-Fold gauze is easier to work with.
The new slim pack is easy to carry.

Celox™ granules are bonded onto the gauze, giving the Celox™ Gauze Z-Fold the same effective technology as the original Celox™ Gauze roll.

The Celox™ Gauze Z-fold is the new smaller, slimmer and easier gauze. The 5foot length gauze will work as effectively as other 12foot length gauzes.

Celox™ Gauze has been tested in controlled environments and in action with results showing lives can be save with the use of Celox™.

The shorter and more versatile gauze is easier to handle and reduces application time.

Only weighing 34g and now being a slim line pack, more packs can be carried at once 


Celox™ Gauze is suitable for

  • Severe high pressure bleeding
  • Hemorrhage
  • Arterial & venous bleeding
  • Bullet, blast, knife & shrapnel wounds
  • Wound packing
  • Applying through strong blood flows
  • Application to all bleeding wounds

Celox™ Gauze has been shown to

  • Reliably stop arterial bleeding
  • Quickly clot hypothermic (cold) blood
  • Retain its high volume even under compression. 


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