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Honda GXV160K1 air filter

Honda GXV160K1 air filter

£23.59 (ex. VAT £19.66)
Genuine Honda air filter for Honda engines and garden products.
In Stock (3 - 5 Working Days)

Suitable for the following models:
HRA536HXE (MZAN-8100001 MY5 GXV160K1), HRD536HME (MZBL-8000001 MY3 GXV160K1), HRD536HXE (MZBL-8000001 MY2 GXV160K1), HRD536K1HME (MZBL-8100001 MY3 GXV160K1), HRD536K1HXE (MZBL-8100001 MY2 GXV160K1), HRD536K2HME (MZBL-8200001 MY3 GXV160K1), HRD536K2HXE (MZBL-8200001 MY2 GXV160K1), HRH536HXE (MZBU-8000001 MY6 GXV160K1), HRH536K1HXE (MZBU-8100001 MY6 GXV160K1), HRH536K2HXE (MZBU-8200001 MY6 GXV160K1), HRH536QXE (MZBU-8000001 MY7 GXV160K1), HRH536K1QXE (MZBU-8100001 MY7 GXV160K1), HRH536K2QXE (MZBU-8200001 MY7 GXV160K1)


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