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Chainsaw Trousers, Type A (Front Protection)

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Husqvarna Classic Type A

Reliable protection for occasional chainsaw users when chopping firewood or doing other outdoor work. Made from tough polyester/cotton twill. The saw protection pad is reinforced on the lower inside to withstand wear and tear from boots.


SIP Protection Boxer Type A

These entry level trousers offer the best value for the occasional chainsaw user. Type A front protection. Class 1 (20 m/s).


SIP Protection Freedom Hi-Viz GO/RT Orange Type A

SIP Protection Freedom Hi-Viz GO/RT Orange chainsaw trousers Type A


SIP Protection Innovation Canopy W-Air Type A

Combining ease of movement, comfort and protection, the SIP Protection Canopy W-Air is an ideal chainsaw trouser for anyone working in the arboriculture industry.


SIP Protection Innovation II Type A

SIP Protection Innovation II chainsaw trousers Type A


SIP Protection Sherpa Type A

New trouser from SIP Protection Sherpa Class 1. They are made with 4-way ripstop stretch fabric, and are very comfortable to wear. In addition the trousers are remarkably light with out being less protective.



Made from ultralight, extremely breathable AVERTIC pro lite cut-protection material. Developed exclusively for STIHL.


Stihl Dynamic Type A

Work trousers with certified cut resistance to BS EN 381-5, Design A.


Stihl FUNCTION universal Type A

Breathable material that is very comfortable to wear, available in anthracite, black and high-visibility orange. Tested cut protection in accordance with EN 381.


Treehog TH1620 Type A

Treehog TH1620 chainsaw trouser Type A Class 1


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