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Echo CS-2511WESC

Compact, lightweight with the best power-to-weight ratio in its class, introducing the new Echo CS-2511WES-C rear handle chainsaw with carving bar. Ultra-compact in size and precision and comes with a 25cm (10") carving bar, making it ideal for wood carving work.


Haix Protector Forest 2.0 Chainsaw Boots

The Haix Protector Forest 2.0 is a comfortable and safe cut protection shoe for forest workers, foresters and hunters. It combines safety and comfort during tree felling in the forest. The boot has a class 2 cut protection and prevents chainsaw cuts up to a chain speed of 24 m/s from injuring the foot.


SIP Protection Progress Type C Chainsaw Trousers

SIP Protection Progress Type C chainsaw trousers.


Stihl RE 100 Pressure Washer

The Stihl RE 100 is a sturdy and compact high-pressure cleaner with extensive features.


Stihl RE 90 Pressure Washer

Lightweight and compact high-pressure cleaner with extensive features.


Stihl PR 32 CW MEGACUT Pruning Saw

Sharp, long-lasting 32cm saw blade made of tempered carbon steel for forestry, orchards and young stand management. Clustered teeth with cleaning slots give a smooth cut. Comfortable, sturdy curved handle, made of beech wood.


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