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Portek 2-in-1 Splitting Axe & Kindling Hatchet

Suitable for splitting kindling and small logs. Perfect complement to the Portek Logmaster Saw Horse. New design for better and quicker log splitting. 2 axes in one pack.


Portek FlexiSharp Cordless Chainsaw Sharpener

This rechargeable chainsaw sharpener is perfect for working away from a power supply with it’s long lasting rechargable 18v Li-ion battery. The 'Auto Clamp' feature automatically clamps the chain when sharpening for user safety and precision results. The chain is clamped automatically as the sharpening wheel is lowered onto the chain.


Portek ChainMaster Maxi MK2 Chainsaw Sharpener

Get the best out of your chainsaw with this semi-professional chainsaw sharpener. The Maxi Chainmaster sharpener MK2 is designed for the frequent and professional user and is fast and easy to use.


Portek ChainMaster Maxi MK2 Grinding Wheel

Portek ChainMaster Maxi MK2 replacement grinding wheel.


Portek ChainMaster Ultra MK3 Chainsaw Sharpener

Suitable for a wide range of makes and sizes of chain, this professional quality, fully adjustable sharpener keeps chains sharp. The machine for the professional user. This workshop quality model is robust enough to deal with prolonged use.


Portek ChainMaster Ultra MK3 Grinding Wheel

Portek ChainMaster Ultra MK3 replacement grinding wheel.


Portek ChainSharp 12v Chainsaw Sharpener

The ChainSharp is a compact, hand held 12v electrical powered chain saw sharpener, designed to sharpen most types of chainsaw chain. It’s great value for money – and if you want to use the ChainSharp 12v sharpener out in the field, it connects to any 12v battery.


Portek Logmaster Saw Horse

Using a chainsaw is hazardous, and even the most experienced operator can become careless, and oblivious to the dangers – especially with a repetitive job like logging. Prolonged periods of using a heavy chainsaw can also produce backache, and increase the likelihood of short cuts taken, so causing accidents. The LogMaster can overcome these problems, and is probably the safest saw horse available.


Portek Sharpening Stones for 12v ChainSharp

Pack of 5 replacement sharpening stones for Portek 12v ChainSharp chainsaw sharpener.


Portek Splitting Axe

Splitting maul axe with a 2.6kg head and a 75cm handle.


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