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Honda Izy HRG 536 SD

A 53cm wide, lightweight single speed petrol mower.


Honda Izy HRS 536 VK

A 53cm wide, robust self propelled petrol mower with side ejection mulching.


Honda paper air filter

Common Honda paper air filter. Fits GC135, GCV135, GC160, GCV160. Size = 5-1/4"L x 4-1/2"W x 3/4"H.


Honda Pro Fuel Stabilizer 250ml

Fuel additive for winter and other long periods of storage. Prevents oxidation and gummy build-up associated with oxidation and ensures a smooth start after long periods of storage. For all 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines with or with out catalytic converters.


Honda recoil handle

Genuine Honda recoil handle for any walkbehind lawnmower.


Honda UMK425 LE

Honda UMK425 LE 25cc loop handle brushcutter


Honda UMK425 UE

Honda UMK425 UE 25cc bike handle brushcutter


Honda UMK435 LE

Honda UMK435 LE 35cc loop handle brushcutter


Honda UMK435 UE

Honda UMK435 UE 35cc bike handle brushcutter


Honda UMS 425 LE

Honda UMS 425 LE 25cc loop handle bent shaft brushcutter


Honda WB20 water pump

Cast iron pump pushes 600 litres a minute with 3.2 bar of pressure and a 2 hours 50 minutes running time.


Honda WB30 water pump

Cast iron pump pushes 1100 litres a minute with 2.8 bar of pressure and a 2 hours 50 minutes running time.


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