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Honda Izy HRG 536 VY

A 53cm wide, lightweight variable speed petrol lawnmower.


Honda Izy service kit

Honda engine service kit suitable for all Honda Izy lawnmowers as well as all GCV135 and GCV160 engines.


Honda 10W-30 engine oil 600ml

Honda 10W-30 engine oil for use in honda engines. 600ml for walkbehind lawnmowers to fill from empty.


Honda 12v DC outlet cable

12v DC battery charging cable for Honda EU range generators.


Honda 16" IZY blade

Genuine Honda 16" IZY blade. Fits HRG415/HRG416.


Honda 18" IZY blade

Genuine Honda 18" IZY blade. Fits HRG465/HRG466.


Honda 21" blade

Genuine Honda 21" lawnmower blade. Fits HRG536/HRB535/HRD535/HRD536/HRH535/HRH536.


Honda EC 3600 generator

Condenser type 3600W petrol generator for heavy resistive power tools.


Honda EM 2300 generator

AVR Type 2300W petrol generator for general construction use.


Honda EU10i 1000W portable generator

The Honda EU10i has changed the small generator market. Until today, generators have been heavy and difficult to transport, noisy and generally unpleasant to use - but not anymore. The arrival of the Honda EU10i has revolutionised the choices for consumers seeking energy self-sufficiency.


Honda EU10i air filter

Air filter for Honda EU10i petrol generator.


Honda EU20i air filter

Air filter for Honda EU20i petrol generator.


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