Garden / Lawn Mowers

Garden / Lawn Mowers

A lawn mower is a significant investment for any gardener, and it’s one which you really want to get right. At George Carr and Sons we have a highly professional team with long years of experience in advising on the right choice.

Whatever size of garden you have, you’ll be looking for something reliable, powerful, ergonomic and easy to handle. A lawn mower which starts easily and which performs well when grass is long, uneven, rough or wet. A lawn mower which delivers a neat, even finish and clean and tidy edges, and which doesn’t demand endless trips back and forth to empty out cuttings. And one which has a good warranty so that – in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong – it can be fixed with the minimum of fuss or expense.

We stock top brands: lawn mowers from Honda, Viking, Stiga, Allen and Mountfield. Brands and models which we’re confident are up to the job, and will continue to be so for years to come.

Each can be customised to suit your precise needs. Viking lawn mowers, for example, offer add-ons including mulching kits, additional fuel tanks, deflectors, and chargers. The Stiga lawn mower range has an equally comprehensive selection of extras, and Honda lawn mowers can be purchased with a variety of additional features. 

You may know exactly what model you want. In which case, ordering is easy. If you’re not completely sure, an expert here can talk you through your specific needs – based on your budget and the kind of garden you have.

Our concern is ensuring that you get the right lawn mower for your lawn and for you. We feel sure that we can sort that option for you. Take a look at the range: if you have any questions, please feel free to call. We’re here to help.

Baleno 650B Gloves
£19.20 £18.00
Countax scarifier
£913.00 £771.60
Echo CS-2511TES - 10"
£499.00 £359.00
Echo CS-280TES - 10"
£475.00 £378.00
Echo CS-360TES
£539.00 £379.00